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Aluminium Die Casting Parts

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Aluminium Die Casting Parts is a kind of pressure-casting part. It is a pressure-casting mechanical die-casting machine with a casting mold. The aluminum or aluminum alloy heated to liquid is poured into the inlet of the die-casting machine, and die-cast by a die-casting machine. Molds limit the shape and size of aluminum or aluminum alloy parts, such parts are often referred to as aluminum die castings.
Process flow
The four basic processes in the die-casting aluminum industry are annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering. These four processes are called “four fires” in die casting. During the die casting process, the relationship between quenching and tempering is very close. Both are indispensable.
Since metal aluminum and aluminum alloys have good fluidity and plasticity, and the casting process is cast in a pressure die casting machine, aluminum die castings can be made into various complicated shapes and can also be made with higher precision and the smoothness greatly reduces the machining amount of the casting and the casting allowance of the metal aluminum or aluminum alloy, which not only saves electricity and metal materials, but also greatly saves labor costs.
Aluminum and aluminum alloys have excellent thermal conductivity, small specific gravity and high processability, so aluminum die castings are widely used in automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, electric motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision. Instruments, garden beautification, electric power construction, architectural decoration and other industries.
Xinfeng Technology, established in 1995, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium die casting parts in China. We now brings you a wide selection of quality and durable aluminium die casting parts from our professional factory. Please be free to buy, and the customized service is also available.