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The medical industry is an industry closely related to people's lives. It is indispensable to human beings in the past, present and future, and we believe that the medical-related production areas will continue to develop steadily, including the Medical Parts industry. As the basis for the production of medical devices, it is believed that such precision shafts will have an increasingly broad future. With the development of the medical industry, precision shafts are also becoming more and more widely used in the medical field.
The Medical Parts industry and the precision shaft manufacturing industry are both part of the equipment manufacturing industry and are part of the equipment manufacturing industry. The difference is that the precision shaft manufacturing industry is the basis of the equipment manufacturing industry, and it is manufacturing equipment for industrial and agricultural manufacturing, and the medical equipment industry.
Responsibilities: First, manufacturing facilities and tools for medical and health institutions, and second, manufacturing functional replacement or maintenance accessories for the human body, including surgical implants.
As a precision component of medical equipment, especially high-precision precision shafts, China has developed for many years, the technical conditions have become mature, high-quality, high-performance domestic precision shafts can now gradually replace imported high-priced similar Precision shaft.
Xinfeng Technology, established in 1995, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of medical parts in China. We now brings you a wide selection of quality and durable medical parts from our professional factory. Please be free to buy, and the customized service is also available.