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Current Situation Analysis Of China Machine Tool Market

Fujian Xinfeng Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 04, 2017

Current Situation Analysis Of China Machine Tool Market

After years of efforts, China has become the world's machine tool manufacturing country. 2015 total of China's machine tool industry main business income of 1,069,689,000,000 yuan, with a profit of 66.319 billion yuan. Among them, the metal-cutting machine tools and metal forming machine tools business income was 168.577 billion yuan and 88.205 billion yuan respectively. Northeast, the Bohai Bay, Yangtze River Delta, Southwest and so on industrial agglomeration effect, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Anhui and Yunnan provinces of metalworking machine tools production and accounted for more than 3/4 of metal-processing machine tools production. Rapid rise of private enterprise, private enterprise around 81% of the total number of machine tool industry production value accounted for 77% of the machine tool industry output value, profit 83% per cent.
Industrial technology innovation capacity-building results. First, improve the level of technology. General purpose machines and low-end products to meet market demand, the high-end machine tools made considerable progress, a number of market need, long relied on imports of high-end CNC machine tools, subject to foreign appearance. Second, build a national, industry, enterprise technology innovation system of three levels. By December 2015, machine tool industry has been 13 construction of national key laboratories and engineering laboratory, National Engineering (technology) Research Center, 16, a State-Certified Enterprise Technology Center has 21. Meanwhile, China machinery industry Federation also organized the construction of a number of industry (engineering) Labs and engineering (technology) Research Center, the local industrial development has established a number of local industry (engineering) Labs and engineering (technology) Research Center. Thirdly, restructuring was accelerated. Domestic CNC machine tool production value in the domestic market continued to improve, and with a certain amount of exports. 2015 proportion of domestic CNC machine tools ' total GDP (NC output rate) than in 2009 increased by 24%.
Industry model innovation. Business models due to market changes, manufacturing pay more attention to, a group of social service organizations to actively develop machine tool service business. Extending industry chain, many OEMs are not only in the industrial chain on the horizontal expansion of active exploration, also on the vertical extension of industrial chain in practice. Industry increasing differentiation and reorganization accelerated.