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Gap Domestic Imports Of Machine Tools And CNC Machine Tool

Fujian Xinfeng Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 04, 2017

Gap Domestic Imports Of Machine Tools And CNC Machine Tool

In the machine tool industry, General NC machine tool axis as a standard, for low-grade axis three, three-to five-axis with high quality, five-axis above grade. Industry, differences between traditional and modern production equipment is marked by traditional machine tools and numerical control machine tools, which have become the industry consensus. Single intelligence and automation of machine tool CNC machine is the machine tool industry direction, its high, tall, slender, high-speed, flexible, smart, is a sign of modern industry. Modern development is heading towards the extreme manufacturing equipment industry, is becoming a big, the other is more and more small, three is more complex, highly integrated production process.
China machine industry after several generation people of struggle, from 1949 only production simple belt machine 1600 Taiwan to 2008 machine production arrived 617,000 Taiwan, became world third big machine producer, more than 60 years of development, China of machine industry occurred has shaking of changes, but and abroad of high-end machine compared, also is some gap of, as long as reflected in following three a aspects; one, accuracy, and stability, and reliability, gap. Five-axis CNC machine tool continuous 1500H no fault of foreign products, domestic 1000H, a difference of 1/3.
Second, the CNC system gaps. CNC systems is the core of numerical control machine tool, Siemens, Liebherr and Japan Mazak, Falak holding the NC system of the highest level, Liebherr 16 packages CNC systems close to the machine's costs, software and machine tools sold, not sold separately, software profits are very high. The domestic machine tool companies currently using high-end CNC machine tool systems are mostly imported.
Thirdly, the gap between other critical parts. Dalian machine tool can be tied to international advanced level of 95%, but the rest of the 5% is not a company or an industry can do, including iron and steel raw materials, fasteners, screws, nuts and so on, need to improve the overall level of national industrial. In addition, technology, testing and other areas are not up to the world advanced level.