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Inventory Of Europe's Top Ten-milling Machine Tool Manufacturer

Fujian Xinfeng Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 04, 2017

Inventory Of Europe's Top Ten-milling Machine Tool Manufacturer

Machine tools ' compound is an important direction of development. Compound machine tools including milling, milling composite grinding, milling and grinding compound, cutting and 3D printing composites, ultrasonic vibration cutting and compound, laser and stamping complex and varied forms, compound's goal is to have a single machine with versatility, multiple tasks can be completed in one clamping, increase accuracy and efficiency of processing.
Compound machine tools, milling machine tools the most common and most used type of compound machine tools. Europe is the world's most advanced machine, compound machine is also in the forefront of the world, here to introduce the 10 most influential milling machine tool manufacturer in Europe.
1, Austria, EMCO group
EMCO Austria company is a specialized lathe has a nearly 60-year history but also the world's largest manufacturer of industrial training system design development and manufacturing, has more than 1 million units worldwide to date EMCO machine in the service industries. EMCO headquarter is located near Salzburg in Austria, EMCO company the size of more than 600 employees now has become Austria's largest machine tool plant, one of Europe's largest lathe factory.
EMCO company production of NC lathe varieties rich, from simple of two axis NC lathe until has eight root axis of NC car milling composite machine; from for products research development of double spindle car milling center to for big production of four spindle double knife Tower car milling center; from maximum processing diameter only for of small turning Center to processing diameter for of large turning Center; from maximum artifacts length only for of small lathe until can processing long parts of large sleeper, EMCO almost has lathe field of all advanced technology.
EMCO nine axis milling machining center is bright. Machine overall interior space, same size as spindle, spindle spindle and his Deputy are A2-6 model, about two chucks can work simultaneously. Max Rotary diameter 500 bed, but when turning bar diameter only reaches 65, somewhat limited. Lower turret mounted on the spindle, is a 12-station power cutter, is the b-axis of the upper installation but in trip directions, respectively, X/X2, Z/Z2/Z3, y to altogether nine plus two spindle shaft can lathes, milling, drilling, tapping an arbitrary angle can be completed.
Group 2, emag, Germany
Inverted vertical lathe in Egypt mark was born, and the horizontal is inverted through the spindle of the lathe does not grab the workpiece, in a revolutionary way to subvert the traditional concept of automation. This method of loading and unloading and traditional truss gantry manipulators or robots than has the advantage of cheap and reliable performance, is particularly suitable for mass production of high-precision needed, once launched are represented by the auto parts customers of all ages.
After 30 years of development, has evolved from a simple lathe turning, drilling, boring, milling, milling, hobbing and laser machining of compound machine tools and many other processes. The advantages of automatic loading and unloading of the workpiece, processing and shorter takt time, processing of high quality, short process chain, reliable technology, single and low processing cost.
3, Germany, naiersiximengsi NILES-SIMMONS-milling machining center
Germany naiersiximengsi NILES-SIMMONS machine tool group company mainly producing milling machining center, horizontal-vertical turning machining centers, milling machining center, horizontal-vertical milling centers, automotive machine and production line, underfloor wheel lathes, automatic wheel set fault diagnosis system and a full range of railway axles, wheels, wheel for processing and Assembly equipment.
4, the German company Shute Schuette, multispindle lathe-milling
Shute Schuette, Germany company is the world's leading supplier of multi-spindle lathe-milling.
5, pitekanaji company
Pitekanaji company was established in 1922, its products are: vertical compound, gantry milling, flexible manufacturing systems, widely used in the energy, aviation and space, General machinery, mining machinery and rail transportation and other fields.
Pitekanaji in the field of vertical composite is one of the most valuable brand in the world has a very large market share. Machining accuracy can be achieved by turning instead of grinding function, widely used in aviation and aerospace.
6, Spanish company Dr BOST machine introduced
Dr BOST Spanish company specialized in heavy technology of high precision machine tool development and manufacture and installation, including vertical lathe, lathe, milling of crankshaft.
Dr Spain BOST AG machine tools offer superior technical development capabilities and wide range of products according to customer needs, we are able to research and development seriously and each technology solution, providing customers with high quality turnkey service.
Famar 7, Italy two-spindle head lines
Farmar company in Italy is known as the upside down car manufacturer, its; TANDEM twin spindle upside down car production lines of automatic loading and unloading system, show their talents in all areas of machine, with a high degree of automation, efficiency, ease of operation, small footprint, saving labor and so on.
8, Maus Italia company flexible vertical lathe
Maus Italia developed unmanned flexible vertical lathe, improve the economics of small-batch processing and avoid machine downtime. This can lathes total conversion in the process, and can be implemented in tools automate the replacement process from a cutting operation mode switches to another, the process just 3s.
Maus Italia developed new MTV5 VTL, for comprehensive processing of flexible manufacturing unit, the maximum machining diameter up to 600mm. the machine is composed by 3 MTV5 vertical machining centers and can be best integrated into the production system. The integrated machine with Siemens 840Dsl control unit and two R-2000iB/250F Fanuc robots.
Maus since the end of 2011, the company is committed to the development of MTV5 vertical lathe and can be used to machine tools of the economic production of small quantities of components, and avoid machine downtime during the production process.
9, the OMGzanoletti company of Italy lathe
OMG in 1965, the company created OMGzanoletti lathe is recognized as the highest quality, precision and reliability guaranteed.
10, TACCHI company in Italy
Italy TACCHI company is a precision industrial machine maker of heavy machinery, milling, turning and grinding compound, deep hole drilling and boring products apply: power generation, aerospace, petroleum industry, naval industry, paper industry, hydraulic cylinder, metallurgy industry, deep hole drilling and boring tasks and special applications.