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Laser Processing Advantages Compared With Other Heat Cutting Method Five

Fujian Xinfeng Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 04, 2017

Laser Processing Advantages Compared With Other Heat Cutting Method Five

Laser cutting is the use of high power density laser beam focused exposure artifacts, the illuminated materials rapidly melting, vaporization, Ablation, or achieve performance by using beam coaxial with the Jet stream blowing molten material, which will cut the workpiece. Laser cutting is cutting methods. Laser cutting compared with other heat cutting method, specific advantages can be summarized as the following:
Good cutting quality: as the laser spot is small, high energy density, high cutting speed, better cutting quality of laser cutting. ① laser cut cut thin kerf parallel and perpendicular to the surface, cutting of parts size precision of up to ± 0.05mm. ② cut smooth surface appearance, surface roughness only dozens of Micron and even laser cutting can be used as the last operation without mechanical machining, parts can be used directly. ③ After laser cutting of material, heat affected zone is small, slit material properties in the neighborhood are almost unaffected, and workpiece deformation is small, high cutting accuracy, good cutting geometry, cutting cross sectional shape is the rectangle rule.
High cutting efficiency: because of the transmission characteristics of laser, laser cutting machine equipped with CNC, the entire cutting process can achieve full CNC. When you do so, just change the CNC program, applicable to different parts of the cutting, can be either a two-dimensional cutting, and three dimensional cutting.
Cutting speed: power up to 1200W laser cutting 2mm of low carbon steel, cutting speeds up to 15000px/min cutting 5mm polypropylene resin panels, cutting speeds of up to 30000px/min. Material in the laser cutting without clamping fixation can save fixture on saving, cutting time.
Non-contact cutting: a laser cutting torch and workpiece without contact, there is no wear on the tool. Different shaped parts, no need to replace tool, just change the output parameters. Laser cutting process, low noise, small vibration, pollution-free.
Many types of cutting material: comparison with oxy-acetylene cutting and plasma cutting, laser cutting many kinds of materials, including metals, nonmetals, metallic base and non-metallic composites, leather, wood and fiber. But for different materials, because of the thermal physical properties of laser absorption rate, show different adaptability of laser cutting.
Fully Shang, from market situation see, laser processing market steadily growth, in macroeconomic and industrial needs weak of background Xia, laser processing equipment with its in high-end processing market in the of business needs still keep has industry scale of sound growth, in technology field, laser processing more Yu traditional machine cutting processing and other hot processing, has multiple technology advantage, and high-end processing market requirements of high precision, and low wear, and efficient, requirements phase anastomosis.