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Machine Tool Industry Showing Signs Of Recovery

Fujian Xinfeng Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 04, 2017

Machine Tool Industry Showing Signs Of Recovery

Since the second half of 2011, machine tool industry since entering the downlink interval, the market began to stabilize this year signs. China machine tool industry association, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Chen Huiren recently held a seminar, said data showed consumption of machine tools in the domestic market last year reached a total of US $27.5 billion, flat compared with last year.
Machine tool industry boom index bounced a restorative growth
In recent years, regardless of the market or the industry output showed a trend of decline in a row. Chen Huiren introduced throughout the machine tool industry $22.9 billion in total output last year, an increase of 3.6%, restorative growth in industry output. In terms of tools and tool output amounted to $5.1 billion last year, down 8.9% drop last year continued to narrow.
Running in 2016, China's machine tool industry boom of the index 53.9%, reflecting the industry's recent run recovery. machine tool industry sentiment index in nearly three years were 43.3%, 34.5%, 53.9%, 2016 was up 19.4% in the same period of the previous year, achieving a significant rebound, the industry expanded significantly. Chen Huiren said.
Meet the market needs new challenges new characteristics of the development of machine tool industry
Since the second half of 2011 since entering the downlink interval, machine tool Association the downlink is not a cyclical downturn but a stage of development as a whole. Chen Huiren said the industry is facing at present market structure to upgrade new features, new product technology development trends, the ability of independent innovation of the new requirements and a series of new challenges.
Chen Huiren introduces, in terms of market structure the new upgrade features, customer demand for automation equipment, machine tools, automation requirements of small growing. Customer needs from mass to niche, personalized changes, customized demand continues to grow. Universal gear upgrades to product features, performance, reliability, and raised new demands.
Quite a long time in the past, major development trends of CNC machine tools are efficient, precise, complex, and this trend continues.; now in the trend, adding new trends in the development of intelligent and green, and this trend was particularly evident. Chen Huiren, machine tool manufacturing industry in the past mainly to simulate tracking based route to development, today in a number of key technologies to overcome does not break the bottleneck of cases, also puts forward new requirements for the ability of independent innovation.
Chen Huiren added that currently under the influence of machine tool industry in the marketing industry is facing profound changes, from the development of industry in recent years, characterized by differentiation of restructuring, transformation and upgrading of two parallel. Association has already carried out a preferential taxation policy research and industry technology innovation Center planning work in order to respond to market changes.
Machine tool industry this year to stabilize a decline is expected to continue to narrow
In 2017, China machine tool consumption market and industry trend is expected to remain in the downlink interval, decline narrowed, but repeated challenges may be at the bottom. Executive Vice Chairman Mao Yufeng, China machine tool industry association said the seventh Council meeting six times, in recent years State; steady growth, adjusting the structure, realize supply side structural reform and promote economic factor-driven transition to innovation-driven, issued a series of economic and industrial policy. These policies on the development of machine tool has a positive effect.
According to the Oxford Institute of economic forecasting, 2016-2020 international machine tools consumption market overall leveled off, and showed a trend of mild recovery, help; implementation of the strategy of going out. There are some positive elements in the domestic market are emerging. For example, Mao Yufeng road, if accelerating the process of industrialization in China, integration and industrial upgrading of two huge room for growth, China became the world's second-largest economy after strong demand.