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New Life New Hope Machine Tool Companies To Create (smart) New Era

Fujian Xinfeng Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 04, 2017

New Life New Hope Machine Tool Companies To Create (smart) New Era

First year of 2016 is the system of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing as follow-up to the China-made main directions of the 2025, in promoting China's manufacturing transformation, accelerate towards the high end plays a key role in the process. As one of the main industries in the manufacturing sector, machine tool industry also complies with the "intellectual" trend, major companies have joined to create machine intelligence build new era. Machine tool companies are numerous, each listing a bit unrealistic, small series of lists one or two.
Huazhong CNC: the intelligent manufacturing model of independent innovation in the field
A highly automated, digital, even intelligent shop or factory, was armed with its own equipment. In recent years, Huazhong CNC CNC systems, industrial robots, intelligent control technology of comprehensive strength, and formed a joint team with the intelligent manufacturing enterprise of independent innovation, and across the country the smart factory production line, where multiple items are selected for intelligent manufacturing project at the Ministry, the company has become a model for independent innovation of domestic intelligent manufacturing.
Future, play Enterprise high-end intelligent equipment industry cluster independent innovation brand of advantage, joint industry leading enterprise and industry chain Shang downstream enterprise group, established "China manufacturing 2025 independent innovation produced taught Union", implementation "intelligent manufacturing and industrial robot shibaiqian engineering", in intelligent control technology, and industrial robot technology, and NC technology, and mechanical design and manufacturing, and mold design and manufacturing, and electromechanical integration and the, professional field and career college carried out depth cooperation, Advancing the field of high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing related disciplines construction and innovate technical skills training.
Seiji machine: "intelligent manufacturing engineering" enter a new stage
Seiji machine tools and new energy equipment company of Taiyuan heavy industry signed host flexible line of wind turbines, which lines can be automated, digital, intelligent production, the entire line with remote diagnosis and maintenance functions. Production line by gantry CNC drilling and milling centers, automated intelligent manufacturing systems, automatic rollover machines and advanced clamping fixtures, and its design can be comparable with the international advanced technology, especially turning technology in the world.
This project signed success, is align II machine has NC machine advanced mechanical design capacity and mature Automation control technology capacity of important reflected, marks enterprise has can meet user proposed of single Automation, and flexible manufacturing unit, and automatically line, aspects of personalized service needs, promoted has NC machine equipment production to flexible, and intelligent, and fine of change, marks align II machine in intelligent manufacturing engineering aspects Michael Shang has new steps.